Harvard Ambulance Service is a volunteer agency, at large town events and upon approved requests, HAS will attempt to secure a crew and possibly bring the ambulance to stand by at the event. We can not guarantee dedicated staffing for the complete duration, but best efforts will be made. Events for standbys are evaluated based off of estimated attendance, nature of the activities and location of the event.


Harvard Ambulance is the primary medical response unit for emergencies in the Town of Harvard. As a result of this, Harvard’s Ambulance needs to remain available at all times to respond to 9-1-1 calls as necessary. While standing by at an event, HAS will attempt to secure individual EMTs if volunteers are available that can be dedicate to the event & have the ambulance on location as long as there is no on going emergency. Any resources that come with the ambulance must remain in service in the event of an emergency and can not be dedicated to the event.


Due to staffing requirements and administrative overhead, advance notice of a standby is ideal and preferred. An standby can be requested by emailing