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Volunteer Opportunities

There are various ways to get involved for those that are interested in volunteering with Harvard Ambulance. Whether you are interested in becoming a certified EMT, or would prefer to navigate the roads of Harvard as a driver, there are opportunities for everyone. Our service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – this allows us to be flexible and accommodating of any schedule. Volunteers while placing hours forĀ  on call time to respond to emergencies, operate out of their homes or other areas in town. During a call, responders drive to the station (or scene) to then provide emergency care to those in need.

No prior experience is required, and Harvard Ambulance will provide you with all the necessary training to become proficient.

Member Commitment

  • 24 hours on-call / month
  • 1 training class / month
  • 1 general membership meeting / month
  • Maintain certifications (Driver’s License, CPR, EMT – *unless a driver)

Positions Available


Drivers are critical to ambulance operations and oversee the safety of the crew to the destinations. Driver training includes communications with 911, navigation of roads & hospitals, and equipment locations. Our drivers do not participate in direct patient care and no medical experience is required.

Emergency Medical Technician

EMT’s provide direct patient care during an emergency. Our EMTs are state & nationally certified with both the skills and knowledge to intervene during a medical emergency. Previous EMT certification is not required. If interested, Harvard Ambulance host’s its own EMT course which is free to members of this squad.


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